Looking a bit Green?

With a delightful retro edge, Fiddlesticks present the tale of Hue, a platform adventure about the eponymously named title character searching for his mother. In a black and white world, Hue’s mother has created a ring which allows the user to alter the fabric of time through the perception of colour. And don’t worry, that’s about as confusing as things will get, since the sinister Dr Grey has now stolen the ring and it is discarded into several pieces.

The player must now traverse this terrain, which quickly leads him to a hidden civilisation in an underground world, using blues, purples and reds too unlock previously unexplored areas, continuing the quest to locate all the fragments and save his mother.

It’s a fantastically quaint title and almost perfect for portable pick up and go play. Though, even on a home console like Xbox One, the game looses nothing as you move from cave to cave, room to room, the puzzles always slightly more deceptive than before; but with a gradual curve that gives even casual gamers a pleasant journey.

If you get stuck, you’ll find plenty of walkthroughs and solutions online, but you might not need them for a good portion of the game – and it’s a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day’s hard graft. When you finally discover the truth behind Dr Grey it may just turn your world from grey-scale to multi colour; since I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to end this review.