What better way is there to show the rumours of your death being exaggerated than by hosting a Netflix series.

Enigmatic leading man, Nicolas Cage, returns (beard accompanying) as host and highlight of this incredible Docuseries from Netflix.

Described as “an education you didn’t realise you needed”, it charts the history and development of several English “cuss words” to quote the man himself.

It’s light, it’s fun and it’s just what you need to let off some steam and start 2021 with a laugh.

Spread across six episodes, each coming in at a perfect 21 minutes, it features discussion and humour from linguistic experts and comedians such as Sarah Silverman and Nick Offerman.

But the highlight here is undoubtedly Cage who apparently filmed all his scenes required for this series in just a single day, thankfully proving he is still ready and willing to make National Treasure 3 when needed.