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Little Caesar – Eighth

Little Caesar
Eight (Album) – Golden Robot Records

Rock and roll survivors and proud of their scars, Little Caesar may seem familiar, but it’s doubtful you’ve heard this band before. Their AOR blues inspired rock helped singer Ron Young found the band in 1987 and got them signed to Geffen records for their self titled debut in 1990, but fate would swing the pendulum to Pearl Jam and Nirvana before Caesar would get this chance to rule again. Beware the ides of March.

Eight is the bands first studio album in six years and comes from a man no stranger to suffering for his art, just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger – who once threw Young out of a window – as the latter was filming a scene in Terminator 2. Lead single ‘Time Enough for That’ is a ballad that would make Axl Rose weep, drawing inspiration from the British rock gods of the past and encouraging people to pass around the lighter (or even their phones) in respectful illumination of the darkness.

Paying tribute to classic sounds like Free and Bad Company this album feels like it’s been around for a while, and in the best possible way, as the sound fits like a well worn glove. Bassist Pharoah Barrett and Drummer Tom Morris (also a co-founder of the group) add a tight rhythm section. ’Mama Tried’ and ‘Crushed Velvet’ were personal favorites’ of this reviewer, proving that a mixed bag of music is a great selling point in itself, offering a full repertoire of the bands abilities.

Fully self financed and completely independent, this record will be available at a live show near you soon, as the bands rigorous touring schedule and attention to detail mean you’d be a fool to miss them. A pleasure for the senses. Rock on

Score 4/5