See You Next Tuesday – Intervals

Having survived the fabled first album jitters, SYNT launch ‘Intervals’, an album which initially sounds like someone shouting over a drum kit!

The heaviness is one of the most appealing things about this album, with songs like ‘Dedication to a New Era’ and ‘January & On’ screaming aggression and angst. Throughout you get a mixture of fast, mid and slow tempos; chances are you will have never heard anything like this before.

Tracks like ‘In The End’ imprint upon you. The guitar work is reminiscent of Slayer and the trash metal-esque ‘112207’ is the highlight giving way to the more experimentalist qualities. There’s no doubt SYNT will carve out a piece of the metal-core scene with this little gem, but it remains to be seen if they keep creating masterpieces like this.

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