Interview with Trevor Sewell

Last week I was delighted to get the chance to speak with a musician named Trevor Sewell. Trevor is a North East England based artist who released ‘Calling Nashville’ (his latest album) at an event in The Cluny.

Support on the night came from Rod Clements and Ian Thomson of Lindisfarne and this interview was actually conducted in the same room which I helped BBC3 organise a speed dating event for the show Geordie Finishing School for Girls back in 2011 as a member of the Production Team.

This interview was recorded in 4K by the lovely folks at Eze As Pi Productions (who ARE available for hire and should be contacted) and I’ve included a clip from the Geordie Finishing School show (the Speed Dating clip) below. Which is also fascinating and brings back some good memories.

Kyle Hughes, Freelance Drummer

I first met Kyle when he was drumming for Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal in Newcastle’s 02 Academy in 2015. He was also performing there as the drummer with Twister – who were both the support act AND Ron’s backing band for his headline show.

Ron spoke with me that night and told me that Kyle was one of the most talented drummers he had ever met. And Kyle was later invited to tour with Ron on several occasions. Last December I got to sit down with Kyle and talk about some of the things he had going on. Truth be told, the man hasn’t stopped since this video was made but I couldn’t be happier for this guy.

His own words can describe it better than I can. But I’m in the video too. Enjoy.

Micky Crystal (Tygers of Pan Tang) Interview

Last December I got the chance to interview Micky Crystal from Tygers of Pan Tang. He’s a lovely guy and they’re a great band originally founded out of Whitley Bay, near to where I’ve been based myself the last few years. The band are currently on tour in Europe and they’ll be back on UK soil in November.

The video was recorded shortly after Micky performed live with Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal in Newcastle Upon Tyne as part of Ron’s mini UK Tour.

We filmed this back in December 2016 with the @Ezeaspi guys and I featured it on my radio show, but finally we can release the video too.

More interviews coming soon! Keep watching guys and keep tuning in to my website for all of the comings and goings of what I’m working on and who I’m talking to!

Filmed in 4K. All video rights:


‘Always Waiting’ – Shooting a Music Video in 2012

A few years I was working for the BBC on a show called ‘Geordie Finishing School for Girls’. The production office of the show was at The Klin, Holt’s Yard in Newcastle, where Northern Film and Media were based at the time.  During the production process I became aware of an advertisement – probably from NFM’s Facebook page – from a director named Brett Gerry who wanted some help shooting a feature film named St Anne’s Demons.

I got in touch Brett and volunteered to be his Production Manager, a sort of Line Producer and Camera Assistant, since (at the time) I was trying to learn as much as possible from all areas. Brett was eager to accept my help and we ended up doing several days work together on the project, including working on location at a former Church called the Holy Biscuit in Shieldfield and in Northumberland about sixty miles from anywhere. But those would be stories and treats for another time.

In September 2012 I underwent a fairly large personal change in my life. Myself and my fiance split up. We’d been living together for about five years – moving from Edinburgh to North Tyneside in late 2009 – and the break up (which happened fairly suddenly by my standards) occurred just a few days before a shoot was scheduled. I didn’t realize at the time, but David Graham Ward (whom I’d met the previous August working with Brett) had actually scheduled for myself and a filmmaker named Peter Kane (who I would also go on to work with closely) to go and do this shoot. Peter was double booked and so couldn’t attend and had cancelled, leaving just myself and David with the actress he’d hired to do his video.

Due to the emotional turmoil in my own life at the time I wasn’t paying much attention to anything and so completely forgot about the shoot when David sent me a message reminding me to come along on Saturday. Knowing I’d worked with Brett, he arranged for Mr Gerry to be a late replacement in the trio of our crew, and I saw the entire thing as a complete distraction from facing the reality of my life. Still in the same house as my ex fiance she organised to go out with her friends that night, get really drunk and celebrate being single by having sex with as many men as she could, where as I sat alone in the dark waiting for Doctor Who to come on BBC One.


The next morning she hadn’t returned home and so I wanted to do anything I could to distract myself. Thankfully there was the perfect excuse in a location shoot. We drove to a phenomenally nice beach in Alnwick and the sun was shining. It must have been the middle of September, if not late September, but I remember the intense heat of that day on the beach like it was yesterday. I also remember going to a nearby bird sanctuary adjacent to the beech, where there were bird huts that you could walk inside and observe nature.

In an ironic twist we arrived at the beach and found out that the actress hired in the role hadn’t actually turned up. David later told me that this changed everything about what he’d scripted for the video and would have made the entire project pointless, but since it was for a music competition and he had only a few days left to enter he decided not to waste a journey and a great days weather. On the fly, David decided that he would be the focus of the video, with Brett as a sort of ghostly character who described certain things to him. David would wash up on an island, a stranded man, and Brett would be sort of like a ghost or figment of his imagination.

Between the three of us we shot the entire video in a couple of hours. David would occasionally shoot footage of Brett but for the most part it was myself who shot a large amount of footage with unsteady hands. I don’t know why but I can still remember struggling at the time with holding a camera steady in my hands. Today I don’t seem to suffer from the problem at all, and whether it was a health condition or mental issue, it has completely disappeared. I’ve since shot a few more pieces with David – including one in Saltwell Park – and never had any sort of issue with unsteady hands.

Brett was a true character. He had worked on a few things with me by this point, either things he directed himself or other peoples projects, and its fair to say that we’d been through some scrapes. I wasn’t to know it at the time but this would be one of the last things we’d ever shoot together. Several weeks later Brett came to the YMCA (where I worked at the time) to do a radio interview, in character, as Davy Wormwood. Wormwood was a paranormal investigator who chased UFOs with a thick Newcastle accent for YouTube. It was a really weird interview too because Brett streamed the intro for his YouTube page and insisted I call him Davy the whole time.

A few weeks after that he disappeared. His website went, there were no emails from him and videos got taken down. At first I thought it was a stunt; he’d tried to go into character for six months and claim he was mysteriously abducted. But he never reappeared. I even went over to his house one day to find the place abandoned and everyone gone. The guy had a wife and children, he’d introduced them to me at a meeting at his house, yet nobody seemed to know where anyone had went. Even in 2017 I meet people, actors, who have worked with him in the past and had no idea what happened to him.

That day on the beach was so weird. We ended with Brett wanting camera footage of David, acting like Davy and talking about some skit he was going to do. I filmed it. Brett had this huge coat he used to get into character as Davy with these absurd badges from the 1970s on them and I can still remember him pointing to his favorite one, that of a T Rex, and just laughing at how crude and basic it looked. I remember all this because I could never forget what was happening in my life at that time – the emotional turmoil – and I was so pleased that Saturday just to have somebody to spend any time with so I wasn’t sitting alone feeling sorry for myself.

I never said a word to David or Brett that day about the circumstances. I didn’t want to give them an excuse to dismiss me from the project. In some respects they definitely saved me from myself that day. It was that and a trip to London the following Tuesday which really helped me affirm myself.