The Five Idea's From Obsessions and Interests

1. Exploring the financial stability and long term future of the Elite Hockey League. This is the official Ice Hockey League of the United Kingdom. Since 2005 the league has lost four major competitors (including the Newcastle Vipers) due to financial constraints and has struggled, to an extent, to raise capital. While there is a highlight show presented on Sky Sport’s 4, the League does not currently have any live matches broadcast and their teams/players are not included in games such as EA Sports NHL series, something which would no doubt increase awareness, participation and capital in the Sport.

2. Looking at the collaboration of the blurring world between video games and film, especially with the fact of the latest video games (such as Naughty Dog‘s recent hit ‘The Last Of Us’) becoming more and more like their big screen counterparts, we look at actors like Liam Neeson, Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean and Michael Madsen who have all voiced video game characters in extremely popular titles such as Call of Duty, Fallout and Grand Theft Auto. There’s also an examination of the method of acting required by some of these highly trained screen and theatre veterans for using their voice as their only tool of performance. To counterbalance that we also look at a game like ‘LA Noire’, which used the newly developed MotionScan technology, whereby the actors portraying the game’s characters were recorded by surrounding cameras to capture facial expressions from every angle, such as was done by Aaron Staton who played the lead character Cole Phelps.

3. Looking at the world of the future and the world of Star Trek in the form of the inspiration it could be argued it has given us, we examine Richard Branson’s on-going plans for commercial spaceflight to begin in 2014 and just what this means for mankind

4A. Death by Facebook, looking at two distinctively different elements of Facebook and the Social Media craze…. What does the future hold for Facebook and the information you post on it. Will Facebook become a genealogy company in 150 years and hold the records of 2013 to show your great great great grandchildren? If you delete your account, the information remains there waiting to be unlocked by you at anytime, but how long do Facebook hold onto that information – how accessible is it by their employee’s and do they ever get rid of it?

4B. In a world where Social Media is so prevalent and we are (as a society) constantly blogging and discussing our lives, what happens when somebody with an active Facebook account dies? What is the procedure and how does their Facebook account fit into the human grieving process? A new American company is now accepting clients on Twitter which it will represent and then post on the behalf of after they die in accordance with their wishes. Is this right, wrong or just plain creepy?